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Work Accident

You go to work to earn a living for you and your family, the last thing you expect is to suffer and injury from an accident which

Work Accident Claims Compensation UK

Vibration White Finger Claims

Vibration White Finger is the vascular component of Hand Arm Vibrating Syndrome. Symptoms can include fingers turning white, ,

Vibration White finger Claims UK

Amputation Injury Compensation

The loss of a vital limb is no doubt a traumatic experience of anyone’s life, which will affect every aspect. If the accident where you lost your limb wasn’t your fault,

Amputation Injury Compensation Claims UK

Back Injury

In any accident you are involved in where you fall or experience sudden violent movement, there is a risk that the muscles and bones in your back will be damaged.

Back Injury Claim Solicitors UK

Broken Hip

Hip injuries can result from a fall or sudden impact. These types of injuries are particularly problematic for those who are involved in manual work.

Broken Hip Injury Claim Solicitors UK

Broken Wrist

Wrist and hand injuries can result from a fall, sudden impact, something falling on to the wrist or hand, trapping your wrist or hand.

Broken Wrist Injury Claim Solicitors UK

Criminal Injury Claims

You may be the Victim of an attack by an individual or group and there has been a prosecution by the police to the offending party.

Criminal Injury Claims Compensation Solicitors UK

Farm Accident Claims

Farming can definitely be described as a rewarding and fulfilling way to make a living. It is unfortunate that, like any workplace, it has its risk of hazards.

Farm Accident Injury Claim Solicitors UK

Fatal Accident Claims

An unsettling fact of life is that people die in accidents that can often be the fault of another individual or organisation. Families are left devastating ,

Fatal Accident Claims Compensation Lawyers UK

Head & Brain Injury

We at Accident Injury Solicitors understand suffering from a head or brain injury can lead to life devastating circumstances and can carry significant

Head Brain Injury Claims Compensation Solicitors UK

Lifting Injury Claims

There are many instances where a lifting injury can occur, more often than not they will happen to you at work. If this has happened to you,

Lifting Injury Claims Compensation Solicitors UK

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycles make up only a small percentage of the road’s traffic on a daily basis – approximately 1% of vehicles on the road in the UK are motorcycles.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims Compensation Solicitors UK

Neck Injury

We at Accident Injury Solicitors understand there are many degrees of neck injury claims – from soft tissue injuries more commonly known as whiplash,

Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

RSI is an umbrella term used to describe a fairly large group of musculo-skeletal disorders, which can include tenosynovitis, tendonitis, tennis elbow,

Repetitive Strain Injury Claims UK

Spinal Injury

No doubt any Spinal injury or Spinal Cord Injury is an extremely traumatic event that often leaves you the victim and the families devastated

Spinal Injury Compensation Claim Solicitors UK

Latest News

Six injured, including two police, in car crash

Six people, including two police officers, have been injured after a car crash outside a university in Glasgow.

The incident took place on Cowcaddens Road outside Glasgow Caledonian University after midday on Monday.

It is alleged that an Audi TT car collided with a number of pedestrians and then a police van.

Police Scotland confirmed it had been called to a "disturbance" at 12.20pm and a spokeswoman confirmed two police officers and four pedestrians had sustained injuries in the incident.

The Scottish Ambulance Service said it had been called to a report of a female being knocked down. When paramedics arrived, they were confronted by six casualties.

Man dies in Omagh crash as car collides with horse

A man has died after the car he was travelling in collided with a horse in Omagh, County Tyrone,

The crash happened at about 00:30 BST on Wednesday on the A5 Doogary Road. Four other men who were in the car have been taken to hospital for treatment.

One of the men is in a serious condition. The three other men's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

The horse was fatally injured.

Dozens of people have been injured in a pile-up involving more than 130 vehicles on a highway in the United Kingdom.

The accident happened in thick fog during rush-hour on a road bridge in Kent, south-east England.

Eight people were taken to hospital with serious injuries, as were about 30 others who suffered minor injuries.

Up to 200 more people were treated at the scene or given medical advice by ambulance crews.

The crash happened during Thursday's morning rush-hour on the Sheppey Crossing road bridge, a four-lane highway that connects the Isle of Sheppey to mainland Kent.

'Miracle' no-one was killed

Eyewitnesses described a mass of tangled trucks, cars, and a car transporter.

A cyclist has died following a collision with a lorry in West Dulwich on the same day as Boris Johnson launched a cycle safety initiative targetting HGVs

Police were called to Thurlow Park Road in Dulwich at around 9.25am.

A 30-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene, while the 40-year-old driver was arrested.

It comes on the same day as the Mayor of London announced new measures to try and protect cyclists from HGV's.

"Statistics say the overwhelming majority of fatalities involve HGVs," Boris explained.

"Tipper trucks, construction vehicles. Not all of those have the correct safety features and we are very keen to step it up."

Dilston car crash claims the life of teenager girl

A teenage girl was killed in a horror road smash on the A695 in Dilston near Hexham, Northumberland at around 7.10pm last night

A teenage girl was killed in a horror road smash between two vehicles.

Emergency services were called to the A695 in Dilston near Hexham in Northumberland at around 7.10pm last night, Sunday, August 25, to reports of a two vehicle collision.

Several people in both vehicles were injured and despite treatment at the scene and later in hospital an 18-year-old girl later died.

The 21-year-old male driver of one of the vehicles has been arrested and is currently helping police with their enquiries.

Freight company fined £50,000 after worker hit by falling pallets

A Suffolk-based freight company has been sentenced for a series of safety breaches after a forklift truck toppled and spilled its load onto a worker, breaking his back.

Neil Jennings, 56, of Ipswich, was waiting for his trailer to be loaded in the yard of Eagle Freight Terminal Ltd at its Great Blakenham premises when one of the forklifts doing the loading hit a pothole. The vehicle lurched sideways, shedding its pallets and boxes, one of which hit Mr Jennings.

He suffered multiple fractures to the vertebrae of his upper and middle back and was unable to work for several weeks. Mr Jennings can now only undertake light duties and can no longer carry out everyday tasks without pain and discomfort.

John Lewis to pay £40m to staff for holiday pay inaccuracy

John Lewis Partnership staff received £40 million after a holiday pay miscalculation left some workers entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation.

The employee-owned retailer said 69,000 of its "partners" were receiving the additional sums in this month's wages - representing an average £580 per employee - after the miscalculations dating back to 2006.

A John Lewis Partnership spokesman said the mistake was spotted during a review earlier this year and that an employee had pointed out the error at around the same time.

It related to employment legislation, which means that when calculating holiday pay, sums ought to be based on an average weekly wage including any premiums such as extra cash for Sundays or bank holidays - rather than just on normal hours.

Eight people injured - two seriously - in seven car crash on M25

Eight people were injured today, two of them seriously, in a seven vehicle crash on the M25 in Surrey, which closed the clockwise carriageway.

Six ambulances and four fire engines attended the scene of the crash between junctions 10 and 11 in Surrey.

Surrey Police said the clockwise carriageway is expected to remain closed “for some time” with latest reports suggesting it could be 6pm before the motorway reopens.

Police are advising drivers to avoid the area and use alternative routes if at all possible. Tailbacks in the area are around ten miles long at the moment.

M25 car accident kills girls

M25 had to be closed, due to the horrific accident involving two young sisters being thrown from a car and killed.

The girls, thought to be aged six and 10, were hurled up to 20 feet from the car as it overturned at high speed and spun onto the embankment. A man in his mid-to-late-twenties who was in the back seat was also killed. He had to be cut from the wreckage.

The driver is being treated in hospital after the accident which happened on the clockwise section of the orbital motorway, between Potters Bar and Enfield, at about 3am.

Traffic police closed a nine-mile stretch of the clockwise carriageway of the M25 between junctions 23 and 25 in Hertfordshire.

Man dies after falling down stairs on double

The 46-year-old, who walked with the help of a crutch, was following his partner up the stairs when he fell and injured himself

A man died after falling down stairs on a double-decker bus.

The 46-year-old, who walked with the help of a crutch, was following his partner up the stairs when he fell and injured himself.

He was taken to hospital but died later.

Driver training exemption set to cut costs and bureaucracy

Short distance repair and testing drivers to be made exempt from additional professional driving tests and training.

A rule forcing mechanics to pay for professional driver training is to be abolished saving UK businesses £29 million, Roads Minister Stephen Hammond has announced.

Under current European rules, anyone who drives heavy goods vehicles or buses must complete a Certificate of Professional Competence but around 76,000 who drive them for short distances, for the purposes of delivering or repairing them, will soon be exempt.

£7 million funding for Cumbria’s flood damaged roads

Cumbria County Council is set to receive a further £7.2 million for road repairs after flooding.

Roads in Cumbria damaged by devastating flooding in 2009 are to be repaired thanks to government funding, Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin has announced.

Cumbria County Council is set to receive a further £7.2 million to allow repairs to be carried out to highway slopes, enhanced drainage, culvert repairs and repairs to footways and bridges. Main Street in Cockermouth is also set to benefit and will be restored to the standard it was before the flooding.

Man arrested after girl injured in hit and run

A 26 year old man has been arrested after a girl was badly hurt in a hit-and-run crash.

The 17-year-old victim was hit by a white van in the early hours of Saturday as she walked on Anchor Lane in Farnworth, Greater Manchester.

She was taken to hospital for treatment to a bleed to the brain and a suspected fractured pelvis.

The suspect, 26, from Bolton, was held on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of a collision.

Train crash in Norfolk leaves eight people injured

Eight passengers were injured in a crash involving two trains at a station in Norfolk early on Sunday morning.

The Greater Anglia Great Yarmouth to Norwich service and a stationary East Midlands Trains unit were involved in the "low speed" collision.

Nine fire crews were sent to the scene, and the eight victims, who suffered minor injuries, were taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in five ambulances.

The injured were among 31 passengers on the diesel-driven Greater Anglia train which had left Great Yarmouth at 11.34pm on Saturday night.

£7.4m fined has been handed to Swinton over add-ons

One of the UK's largest insurance companies, Swinton, has been fined £7.38m for mis-selling policies.

Swinton failed to inform customers that the policies, which netted it £93m, were optional and separate from the core cover

The regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), accused the company of an "aggressive sales strategy" and of failing to treat its customers fairly.

Swinton Insurance issued an apology. It said it had changed its practices, and had set aside a total of £11.2m to compensate its customers.

The fine, one of the largest of its kind, relates to policies that were sold over the telephone.

£112,000 paid to punters injured by London cycle hire scheme

People claiming injury or property damage against London’s cycle hire scheme (Boris Bikes) have been paid more than £112,000 in compensation.

In total of 9 claims been made for “personal injury” and forty three for “property damage”. Out of these, eleven are still to be resolved, however TfL is yet to defy any claims in courts.

Transport for London said a total of £112,420.84 has been handed out in recompense since the launch of its flagship Barclays Hire in July 2010.

The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, come as police investigate the death of a woman who collided with a lorry while riding a Boris Bike. It is the first death of someone using the cycle hire scheme since its launch. The 20-year-old was pronounced dead in hospital following the collision on Friday in east London.

Take a less than half a minute test to see if you could claim compensation for personal injury

It is estimated that on in four have suffered personal injury or accident recently, however, only 20% of them have made a personal injury compensation claim.

According to Personal Injury 2012 - a piece of research carried out by YouGov into the personal injury claims market.

As many as one in four adults have suffered from a personal injury or accident within the last five years, yet only 20 per cent of those have actually gone on to make a claim.

That’s leaving millions of pounds compensation unclaimed every year.

The report shows that road traffic accidents (RTAs) make up the majority of personal injury claims (50 per cent), while accidents in a public place ‘shop premises, public highways etc’ (excluding RTAs) account for 21 per cent and accidents in the workplace account for 16 per cent.

£150,000 paid out to Gloucestershire Students Injury Compensation

In last five years, over £150,000 of personal injury compensation have been paid to Gloucestershire school students.

A Freedom of Information requested, showed 29 pupils were awarded payments by Gloucestershire County Council between 2008 and 2013.

A council spokesman said it was working to cut inappropriate payments.

The highest payout was £18,000. One claim was for an incident that happened 10 years earlier.

The figures show £58,700 was awarded to secondary and primary students for personal injury claims in 2011/12, £41,000 in 2012/13 and £27,000 in 2010/11.

Seven pupils claimed compensation in each of these three academic years. Eight students were awarded payments totalling £30,000 in 2008/9 and 2009/10.

Road traffic accident claims made easy

Ms T received £3,800 after someone ran into the back of her car

It was Ms T’s husband who first suggested that she claim compensation for personal injuries following a road traffic accident that left her injured and needing physiotherapy.

While waiting for someone to cross at a zebra crossing, someone shunted into the back of Ms T's car, leaving her off work with whiplash, a back injury and vertigo.

Ms T said: Solicitor made everything really easy, the paperwork was simple to fill in and it was all sorted out very quickly.

"Because all the forms were pre-printed, it took just five minutes to check the details and sign. That was it.

Cyclists make up a quarter of London traffic, official census finds

London cyclists have long suspected that there were far more riders on the streets of the capital than the authorities gave credit for, and new figures from Transport for London finally confirm it, with cyclists a staggering 64 percent of peak hour traffic on one road.

A newspaper reports that a new census of cycling in London has found that one in four road users in the morning rush hour is a cyclist, and that the proportion is even higher on some popular routes.

Theobalds Road, Holborn takes the gong as London’s most bike-trafficked street, with bikes making up 64 percent of vehicles in the morning peak. Other streets full of bike commuters include Kennington Park Road between Kennington and Oval, with 57 percent bikes and Old Street, Shoreditch at 49 per cent.

Road traffic collision on B4425 near Barnsley hospitalises three women, two in critical condition at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford

A SERIOUS road traffic collision involving three cars has left three women hospitalised, with two said to be in a critical condition.

Two of the women sustained life threatening head injuries while the other is suffering from multiple trauma injuries.

Medics were forced to induce one woman into a coma before being taken to hospital.

All three women were taken by road ambulance to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where they remain.

Another person who received minor injuries was taken to Swindon’s Great Western Hospital but has since been discharged.

Emergency services were called shortly after 5.30pm on Sunday evening to the incident, which happened on the B4425 near Barnsley.

£10m payout in personal injury claim for Newcastle man

A RECRUITMENT consultant has won a compensation package estimated to be worth £10m after he was struck by a priest’s car while on holiday in Rome.

J Kennedy, from Newcastle, was on a weekend break with university friends in January 2006 when he was hit by a car driven by Father John Cole, a Catholic priest from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

During the crash he suffered “catastrophic” brain injuries and bone fractures in his skull, spine, knee and shoulder. The 37-year-old’s legal team claim Father Cole drove away from the scene of the accident and that he was later charged and convicted of drink-driving in the Italian courts.

Now – following a High Court bid for compensation – Mr Justice Bean has approved a lump sum pay-out of £3m and £210,000-a-year to cover the enormous costs of the care and support he will need for the rest of his life.

Road crash variations 'a mystery'

Scottish drivers seem the most likely in the UK to hit lamp posts, according to accident figures.

Motorists from Paisley in Scotland followed by those from the Scottish destinations of Aberdeen, Motherwell and Glasgow make the most claims for striking lamp posts, said insurance company Admiral.

Motherwell drivers also topped the list for car park collisions in tables compiled from 1.3 million claims over the last five years.

Based on balancing the number of claims against the number of customers in each area, the tables also showed that motorists from Romford in east London made the most claims for rear-end bumps as well as the second most claims for car park collisions.