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Claim Procedure

When you suffer an injury from an accident, the shock can most likely cause you to be disorientated and you may not be able to think clearly about the next appropriate action. We have therefore detailed below DRACT – actions to be taken when you are involved in this situation.

D - DETAILS - The most important objective when you are at the scene of an accident is to obtain the relevant details. Who is the offender? Name, address contact telephone number and insurance company are important. In the event of a Road Traffic collision, the offender will most likely be aware of the relevant details you will both need to exchange.

R – REPORT – Report the accident to the relevant authority. All Road Traffic Collisions should be reported to the Police so they will have a record of it and a report will be compiled by them. If you are involved in an accident in the workplace, the supervisor or management must be informed and a report made at the scene. Similarly in public places such as supermarkets and shopping centres, the acting supervisor and manager must be informed.

ACT – Act quickly and contact Accident Injury Solicitors to deal with your case – we can help and advise you in gathering the relevant details and ultimately pursue your case for you. The longer you wait in pursuing your claim the more detrimental it can be to your case.

Once your claim has been submitted, we will then have you medically examined by an appropriate medical expert. The expert will produce a report which documents your injuries and the consequential effects on your life. This report will be submitted to the offender’s insurance company or claims handlers for them to assess and we will then begin negotiating settlement of your claim.

Following these steps can ensure the most effective and positive settlement of your claim as early as possible, so you can quickly get back to normality.

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