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Emergency Vehicle Accident Claims

When responding to emergencies, the police, fire and ambulance services in the UK have the right and are obliged to ignore traffic lights and break speed limits for obvious reasons when responding to an emergency. It can be difficult to obtain compensation if you are involved in an accident with the emergency service vehicle. They must use the siren and flashing lights, so other motorists and road users know there is an emergency and to give way.

However, there are circumstances in which an emergency vehicle could be at fault for causing an accident. If an emergency vehicle has not made its presence known by flashing its emergency lights, which might be red, blue or green lights or the vehicles headlights or alternatively not sounding its siren. In the absence of proper signals motorists and other road users could easily miss the presence of the vehicle and as such a collision could occur. In these incidents it is likely that the emergency authority will be responsible for the crash.

Also, if the emergency vehicle is not reacting to an emergency situation or have not heeded the safety of other road users, they could be held responsible.

There are many examples that despite flashing warning lights or sounding a siren an emergency vehicle driver can act recklessly and endanger the safety of lawful road users and be held responsible for a subsequent emergency vehicle accident.

You can claim if you are in one of the following positions:

Motorist or road user – If it can be proved that the emergency service vehicle was negligent, then you as the driver of another vehicle involved will be able to claim compensation.

Workers of the fire, ambulance and police - They will have a claim as a passenger and might be able to claim compensation as the accident was not their fault and proper precautions were not taken by the driver.

Members of the public –If you are a passenger in one of the emergency vehicles you would almost certainly have a claim in the event of an emergency vehicle accident – whether that be from the emergency service or other motorist whomsoever is found responsible for the crash.

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