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Forklift Injury Claims

Forklift truck accidents account for more than one serious accident per day in the UK. They feature prominently in work related accidents and account for a number of fatalities a year. They are also responsible for a number of injuries in retail outlets and on or near building sites.

Some of the reasons why these types of accidents occur are as a direct result of poor operator training, poor maintenance or inadequate premises.

An employer is responsible for the operations of any forklift trucks in the workplace. There are a number of statutes that regulate use of this type of machinery and breaches of those regulations could lead to financial penalty for the employer and a potential claim from you the injured party.

If an employee is injured in an accident involving a fork lift truck, then the employer may be found responsible, if it can be proved that he has not taken adequate care and has been negligent. If that can be proved then the injured employee may then have a right to compensation. It may of course be the case that you have been injured by a forklift truck even though you are not an employee. You could have been visiting an area where forklifts are being used. For example, many large wholesale food operators use forklifts to fill shelves whilst members of the public are in the vicinity. Injury can be caused by speeding trucks, by operators dropping loads onto you or colliding with objects that then fall on you are some examples.

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