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Industrial Deafness Claims

People who have been exposed to prolonged periods of noise in a work environment may suffer from a range of symptoms, from minor hearing loss in one ear to complete and permanent hearing loss in both ears.

Generally, there are four main types of industrial deafness for which claims are made:

Temporary loss of hearing - Often referred to as a temporary threshold shift, you are most likely to experience a temporary reduction in your hearing capabilities after several hours off apostrophe after hours exposure to sounds and noises above 75DB. The extent of the temporary hearing loss occurs during the first few hours and does not progress. The characteristics of temporary hearing loss include dull or muffled sounds and generally around 15 hours impaired hearing. Sufferers should retreat to a quiet environment until their ailments subside. Hearing should return to normal after a prolonged period in a quiet environment. However, continued exposure to noise and regular periods of temporary hearing loss can often develop into more serious, permanent hearing loss.

Permanent loss of hearing - This is irreversible damage to your hearing and is usually characterised by a gradual, but permanent threshold shift. People will usually lose most of their hearing within the first 10 years of exposure to noises in a particular environment. Permanent hearing loss is usually characterised by hair cells within the inner ear that deteriorate and are not replenished. This leads to a reduction in the ear′s ability to detect some frequencies as clearly. You may also experience difficulty in hearing human voices and is usually the first sign that permanent hearing loss is occurring. By this time, irreversible damage to a person′s hearing may have occurred.

Tinnitus - This is a common hearing problem characterised by ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling or roaring sounds in one or both ears. Generally, tinnitus lasts for a short period of time, but prolonged periods are not uncommon.

Acoustic trauma - People can experience acoustic trauma after being exposed to a single or series of very loud noises, for example, an explosion or gunfire at close range. A lack of ear protection can also contribute to the severity of the acoustic trauma. People who suffer acoustic trauma will find their hearing is affected and may also experience irreversible physical damage to structures in the ear like a perforated eardrum.

If you are experiencing loss of hearing from any of the above categories and feel it is due to your employment which you feel you could have benefited from better protection or the noise could have been reduced, you may have a claim for compensation. Contact Accident Injury Solicitors today to receive free advice on your individual case.

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