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Industrial Dermatitis Claims

Industrial Dermatitis is an inflammatory reaction of the skin caused or aggravated by regular contact with irritant substances in the course of employment. There are two types of dermatitis:

Irritant Contact Dermatitis- ICD is normally the result of the skin coming into contact with one or more substances causing cell damage prolonged exposure to even very weak irritants can give rise to chronic ICD; strong irritants can give rise to acute ICD.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis - This normally arises due to the sensitisation of the individual to the relevant substance/allergen, which may occur after only one exposure or repeated exposures spanning a number of years. ACD is more difficult to control after development, only limited contact can again cause the condition to flare up.

Common symptoms of dermatitis are irritation of the skin in the category of skin disease such as psoriasis or scabies, which are often difficult to distinguish. Particularly with Irritant Contact Dermatitis, failure to recognise at an early stage that a dermatitis is due to irritancy will lead to a prolonged problem. It is generally believed that it takes about four months for the skin to fully recover from a severe episode of Irritant Contact Dermatitis and so any potentially irritant contact on that time will hinder the healing process.

    The following occupations are at risk from Industrial Dermatitis:

  • Construction workers.
  • A film laboratory worker.
  • A salon worker in contact with hairdressing preparations.
  • Manufacturing work in contact with pharmaceutical agents.
  • A hospital worker in contact with detergent/soaps.
  • A metal machining worker in contact with mineral oils.
  • A print worker in contact with printing chemicals.
  • An electronics worker in contact with soldering fluxes.
  • A manufacturing worker, farm worker or user of spray products in contact with pesticides and preservatives.

    Substances which have been proved to cause skin disease are used in a variety of processes in industry. The most common agents are:-

  • Cutting oils
  • Nickel
  • Chemicals
  • Rubbers
  • Degreasing agents
  • Tar, pitch and other products of cool tar
  • Physical agents including, heat light humidity etc.
  • Other agents; flour, cement dust, slurry and fibreglass
  • If you feel or have been advised by your Doctor that the dermatitis you are suffering could be a cause of your employment and the substances handled there, contact Accident Injury Solicitors today to receive free advice on your individual case.

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