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Ladder Fall Accident Claims

Falling from a height is a sure way of being severely injured. This is why jobs in the construction industry are considered high risk. Falls can happen with any kind of job – especially when you are using a ladder, or when wrongly using the ladder.

Employers and workplaces like factories, warehouses and construction sites have to follow strict rules when it comes to equipment and how to handle it, including ladders and their use. A number of ladder falls can be easily avoided if both the employer and employee are careful in using the ladder.

    However you may be able to claim compensation for your ladder fall injuries if your fall was caused by the following:

  • The ladder available was not meant for the job.
  • Ladder was too small, so you had to stretch and reach over.
  • Footholds being slippery or worn out so they break
  • Ladder not being supported properly.
  • Ladder placed at the wrong angle to the surface leaning on.
  • With any such causes, you may be entitled to seek ladder accident compensation from your employer. You should also have been properly trained on how to use a ladder, in areas such as the following:

    Erecting the ladder properly – Depending on the length of the ladder and what should be its angle to the wall.

  • How to check the ladder for defects before using it.
  • What kind of ladders to be used for different purposes
  • What precautions to take and safety equipment to use while working on the ladder.

If you feel you have been misguided in the use of a ladder at work and suffered injury as a result or provided a defective or wrong ladder for your job by your employer, contact Accident Injury Solicitors today to receive free advice on your individual case.

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