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Machinery Injury Claims

Accidents and injuries at work are often caused by defective or faulty work equipment. Work equipment includes machinery, appliances, apparatus and tools. It also can apply to vehicles, or bicycles. Essentially, it is any equipment that you have been given to perform your job. There are many Health and Safety laws that apply to ensure your safety at work.

The work equipment you use has to be suitable for the job you are doing and properly maintained, repaired and replaced. Machines must be fitted with safety devices so that you are protected from any moving or dangerous parts whilst operating, cleaning or servicing the machine. Your employer must regularly inspect your work equipment to ensure it is functioning to the required standard. Your employer must assess the work you are required to do and identify the risks you are exposed to, with a view to reducing those risks to a minimum.

Some jobs will require you to have protective clothing or equipment, such as a hard hat, visor, safety boots, gloves, high visibility jacket, ear protectors etc. These safety items must not just be supplied, they must also be regularly checked, maintained, repaired or replaced and your employers must ensure that you wear them.

Your employer must not only ensure that you are adequately trained to do the job, but also that you are trained to use all the equipment provided.

Health and Safety laws exist to protect you at work. If you are injured because your employer is negligent or does not follow the law, you are likely to have a claim. Even if your accident hasn’t caused you to take time off work, you can still claim compensation for the injury itself. Contact Accident Injury Solicitors today to receive free advice on your individual case.

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