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Office Injury Claims

Offices may not be one of the most dangerous places to work; however, they are still subject to their own share of risks and dangers and office workers are injured every day in accidents which could have been easily prevented.

Workplace Regulations impose duties on employers to protect their staff and visitors from injuries at work and offices are no exception. You may have been injured in the following circumstances:

Slips, Trips and Falls - Slips and Trips in the office are a very common accident. Cables from electrical equipment which have not been secured safely, boxes, files or other objects left lying on the floor, damaged carpets and spillages on hard floors can all lead to injuries caused by slips, trips and falls.

Electric Shocks and Burns - All electronic equipment should be in full working order and maintained to a high standard to avoid accidents such as electric shocks. Employees should also have received training on how to operate machinery in the office as certain machines can reach a very high temperature and something as simple as trying to remove a paper jam from inside a printer can result in a nasty burn if skin comes into contact with hot metal parts.

Falls from Height - Even though, enormous heights may not be involved, it is still very important that office workers are protected from falls from height. If there is a storeroom or filing room for example and it is necessary to reach items stored above head-height, an appropriate set of ladders should be provided.

Asbestos-Related Diseases – See our Asbestos Claims page for more information

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - gas appliances in a workplace such as central heating boilers and gas fires need to be regularly checked and properly maintained.

If you have been injured in the office and you feel it could have been prevented, contact Accident Injury Solicitors today to receive free advice on your individual case.

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