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Sports Injury Claims

There is always risk when playing any type of sport. Especially in contact sport whereby tackling is an inevitable part of the game, legal tackles and falls on the field or court would not constitute as acceptable personal injury claims.

If some of the sports equipment you were provided with was faulty or the playing field or court was badly maintained and this caused your accident, then you would be able to make a personal injury compensation claim. You would also be entitled to make a claim as a spectator if the public viewing area was unsafe and caused your accident.

You may also be able to make a claim if you were injured as a result of an illegal tackle caused by the manner in which another player is playing the game. Your sports injury could have also happened at school, college, university, work, on public or private property.

You would need to prove that another person was responsible for your personal injury. You should report the sport accident to any staff around at the time, make a note of your accident in an accident book if possible, take names and addresses of witnesses to the accident and if possible take photographs of the area where the sport accident happened and the equipment if any involved.

Sports injuries can and will happen, if they are because of the negligence of another person, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact Accident Injury Solicitors today to receive free advice on your individual case.

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