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Whiplash Compensation

The amount of compensation awarded for whiplash can vary. It all depends on the severity, the length of suffering or that you are likely to suffer, the effects it has on your life. There may also be additional treatment costs and other losses such as loss of earnings if you were absent from work, which all adds to the amount of compensation you would receive.

If you have felt pains but the effect has been little on your life, you have not had time off work, and you recover within a few weeks of your accident, you can expect to receive up to £1,500 in compensation.

If your whiplash has exacerbated pre-existing conditions and/or full recovery is expected up to two years post accident, you could receive up to £5,600 in compensation.

The symptoms of whiplash from an accident are not usually expected to last long term, but there are exceptional circumstances. Remember, we will have you examined by a medical expert during your claim process and he or she will determine a prognosis (eg the length of time you are expected to suffer) therefore there is no need for you to wait until you are fully recovered to receive your compensation.

For more information, and if you feel you have a claim for whiplash and would like to receive compensation, contact Accident Injury Solicitors today to receive free advice.
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